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Strengthen your agent brand by adding a personal touch to your seller invitation

Take complete ownership of your customer communication with personalised messages when inviting sellers to view their Adfenix campaign results.

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Adfenix fast-tracks launch of “Engage” product suite

Offering the solution to global real estate business customers fee-free for six months to help them capture high-value buyer and seller data.

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Adfenix Launch Engage

Product Launch - Adfenix launch Engage: our new website-enhancement platform designed to increase efficiency in real estate agencies and brokerages

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Adfenix COVID 19 Update

Coronavirus (COVID 19) – An update on our planning for all eventualities at Adfenix as the outbreak unfolds

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Maximera din försäljning med Adfenix nya resultatsida

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Adfenix tidigarelägger lanseringen av nya produktsviten ‘Engage’

Erbjuder lösningen, globalt, utan kostnad för våra kunder i sex månader med avsikt att...

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Adfenix Lanserar Engage

Ett nytt verktyg med sikte på att effektivisera mäklaren.

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Adfenix COVID 19 Uppdatering

Coronavirus (COVID 19) – En uppdatering kring hur vi planerar för alla möjliga scenarier här på Adfenix.

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