Adfenix showcases marketing automation capabilities with relaunch of digital presence

Solutions focussed proptech website incorporates new Professional Services offer for customers alongside Boost and Engage Wave platform products.

Real estate marketing automation driving profitable growth for property industry

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN, September 17th, 2020: Adfenix, the Swedish real estate marketing automation (MA) platform, have today announced the relaunch of their digital presence to show the extended solutions they offer real estate professionals.

With an existing customer base of 75 000 + agents around the globe Adfenix is already firmly established as the leading platform to attract transaction-ready visitors to property listings using social media marketing outreach.

The addition of the Engage on-page lead capture and conversion suite earlier this year has been the next evolution in the platform, with customers referring to the large increase in leads qualified on their own websites as the “post-Engage effect”.

Forging closer partnerships with customers to help them achieve specific business objectives, through data analysis and insights informed by the business’s global experience is the purpose of the new Professional Services solution within the platform.

“We don’t want to just be seen as a product provider to our real estate customers but strive to ensure they make the most of adopting Adfenix technology at all levels throughout their organisation,” said Carl-Fredrik Olsson, Head of Adfenix Professional Services.

In order to highlight this holistic offer the time was right to reinvent the Adfenix digital presence via a website refresh focussed firmly on the platform’s distinct MA capabilities.

Speaking on the platform’s evolution, Adfenix CEO & Co-Founder Andre Hegge said:
“There is enough published data and evidence to know that MA brings demonstrable revenue growth to businesses around the world. However, in the property industry it has been historically focused on drip email campaigns from data originating within a CRM and not the expansive application that we see adopted elsewhere.”

“What the Adfenix platform can do now and in the future is provide real estate agents and brands with a marketing automation flywheel that attracts, captures, qualifies and nurtures customers wherever they are in their property journey,” he continued.

Our roadmap is 100% focussed on the continued development and delivery of tools, resources and service for our customers that drive business growth by creating digital efficiency as well as providing them with a platform to nurture highly personalised 1:1 experiences positioning them as their go-to agent/brand when it is time to buy or sell,” Hegge added.

“Our goal of empowering property professionals – from CMOs to agents – to take back ownership of their customer relationship and drive profitable growth using our MA platform has never been stronger.

And with portals such as REA in Australia taking a defensive position regarding ’Off-Market’ sales we can see the value we are creating for customers in shifting the needle back to the agent and agency as the authority in their digital offering,” Hegge concluded.

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About Adfenix

Founded in 2014, Adfenix delivers world-leading digital marketing solutions for the real estate sector. Automated technology helps to simplify complex digital strategy, empowering agents to achieve a digital-first approach with minimal setup.

Our Boost suite of social media marketing products uses sophisticated AI technology to identify interested buyers and sellers on social media and directs them straight to listings and agent profile pages on the agent's website, bypassing portals. Used by thousands of agents around the world, it has so far advertised over 1 million properties. And counting...

With the 2020 launch of Engage, Adfenix is positioned to become the single most effective marketing solution to put estate agents back at the centre of the customer journey.

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