Automation designed for Real Estate.

Adfenix is an enterprise Marketing Operations Platform designed exclusively for the real estate industry. A platform so powerful that a single person in marketing can support the marketing needs of thousands of agents, without sacrificing scalability.

No time-consuming manual input.

Applying automation to your listings, brand messaging, agent advertising and office updates puts your campaign in front of thousands of people. Using AI-focused behavioural targeting, Adfenix ensures that those thousands of eyes are qualified potential customers actively seeking what you’re advertising.

Agent Branding

New Listings

New Developments

Employer Branding

Omni-channel coverage.

The platform is able to create your message for use on one channel, and reformat it for seamless display on other channels, to create an automated, cohesive, cross-media campaign.

32 Cotton Creek TX
$280,000  |  2 Beds  |  3 Baths  |  1,368 SQ FT

Real Brokarage



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Best international growth by Ernst & Young, Sweden.

Described by Inman as ‘the new mantlepiece for proptech.

Received the Startup team of the year award 2017 at The Swedish Startup Gala.

The second largest concentration of billion dollar companies per capita in the world.