Unlocking off-portal
sales for real estate

Tech-infused social media marketing tailored to exceed
homeowners expectations by going beyond the property portals.

The Key:

Social Marketing In Your Service Offering

Homeowners today demand greatness from their real estate agent. Meet their expectation by selling homes without depending on the property portal.

Off-Portal Relationships

Own customer relationships by acquiring buyers outside the portals.

Reach Relevant Buyers

Reach not just anyone, but the right kind of potential buyer.

Win Sellers

Increase success in customer meetings and gain sellers.
Customer Story

Mäklarhuset Gothenburg City

"Adfenix increases the number of customer meetings, makes us visible as a choice for new sellers and generates more people to viewings. Adfenix creates value on multiple levels and is money wise viable."
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We are able to more than double the number of showings in the first 3 weeks of a listing when we use Adfenix Home Booster.
Jeremy Collins
Group Director, UK
I really enjoy the easy use of the platform. So quick and easy to send properties live. 👍
Amelia Little
Advertising Manager

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