Marketing teams in Real Estate face challenges unmatched by other industries.

Our mission is to untangle the industry complexity and enable our customers to focus on creating value for their brand and agents.






Offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, New York, London, and Melbourne.

André Hegge, Co-Founder of Adfenix speaking at our annual event, Real-Conf.
Linn, reading about Adfenix in the Swedish news papers.
Gabriel and Carl-Fredrik representing Adfenix when winning the Startup of the year awards.
Seth, Philip and Pete representing Adfenix with style.
The Adfenix team reunited in the Swedish archipelago, Marstrand.
UX is taken seriously at Adfenix, confirmed by our UX Designer, Hannes.
Adfenix ready for US expansion in New York.
Cintributor of the year goes to Arif Rashed.

Marketing in Real Estate is extraordinarily complex.

Consumers perceive all agents to be alike.
The customer journey is non-linear and unusually long.
Teams, budgets and decision making are decentralized.
The agent to Marketing personnel ratio is unforgiving.

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