2000 estate companies

We partner with real estate agencies on their journey to digital tranformation. Our customers include over 2000 estate companies in 12 countries.

Customer testimonials

Take it from the first-hand experiences of our clients and partners.

An instruction winner

"It is definitely an instruction winner for me! It has helped me secure higher fees and win more business without a doubt. Adfenix have been great!"

Joanne Hughes

Barnard Marcus

Great value for the money

"Adfenix has been very useful to us and our clients are very positive. For a couple of our listings we’ve actually had more than double the amount of inquiries than we got through the portals. Great value for the money."

Dan McAlpine

Belle Property Kingston ACT

Useful on all levels

"Adfenix has increased our number of instructions and makes us visible for new sellers while getting more people to our showings. In short, Adfenix is useful on all levels of our work."

Leif Andersson

Mäklarhuset Göteborg

Substantial traffic

"Adfenix has offered us a great opportunity to leverage our Facebook audience and drive substantial traffic to our website. Great analytics combined with excellent support has ensured it’s become an important part of our marketing mix and resulted in delivering quality traffic to our listings."

Tony Edwards

LJ Hooker Mandurah WA

Generates more bidders

"With the help of Adfenix ads, I have seen a clear increase in the number of visitors to my showings and it has also generated more bidders."

Carl-Philip Öster

Fastighetbyrån Södermalm

Fantastic vendor reports

"The vendor reports are a fantastic tool, providing yet another opportunity to provide the best possible communication service level for the client."

Martin Scott

Barry Plant Mildura VIC

We have seen the inside of more real estate websites than anyone in the world

Our customers include over 2000 estate companies in 12 countries.

The second largest concentration of billion dollar companies per capita in the world.