Adfenix prepares for hypergrowth

Elevating George Okoronkwo to Head of Customer Success and Victoria Talbot to Head of Business Operations

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN, January 29th, 2021

Adfenix is delighted to announce the recent promotion of George Okoronkwo to Head of Customer Success. George has been with the Adfenix team for over a year, serving as Senior Customer Success Manager.

Prior to joining Adfenix, he was a Client Success Manager at Shutterstock Custom. His promotion is an important step towards gearing up for Adfenix’s global expansion and ensuring all their clients continue to receive the world-class care that the company is known for. 

Chief Customer Officer Munya Hoto confirmed this on-going commitment to excellence. “With these key appointments in the customer success and operations departments Adfenix is excited and prepared for all the future of a world post-COVID presents. We are geared for expansion across the globe, and we are ready to serve our clients with world-class digital marketing solutions.” 

Working alongside George will be Khashayyar Nejad, who has been appointed Customer Success Manager for the UK, and Silvie Sanders who has been appointed Customer Success Manager for the Asia PAC region. 

In addition to these appointments, Adfenix is also pleased to announce the important appointment of Victoria Talbot as Head of Business Operations. Victoria has been with the Adfenix team for over 3 years and has been invaluable in driving execution of key internal projects related to CRM, legal and the pragmatic framework for product launches. 

Working alongside her is the newly-appointed Head of Professional Services, Carl-Fredrik Olsson. Carl-Fredrik is another Adfenix veteran, serving on the team for over 4 years and highly regarded for his incredible work ethic, customer centricity and problem solving prowess.

Speaking on the organisational changes, Adfenix CEO & Co-Founder Andre Hegge reiterated the firm’s deep commitment to supporting and delighting customers despite this challenging period. 

Hegge noted, 
“As we’ve continued to invest resources in building technology we’ve come to realise that technology is just half of the equation. For new technology to deliver business outcomes for our customers we need a world class customer oriented organisation that ensures a fantastic customer experience, a collaborative product development methodology and that the technology lands well when introduced to complex agency organisations”.

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About Adfenix

Founded in 2014, Adfenix delivers world-leading digital marketing solutions for the real estate sector. Automated technology helps to simplify complex digital strategy, empowering agents to achieve a digital-first approach with minimal setup.

Our Boost suite of social media marketing products uses sophisticated AI technology to identify interested buyers and sellers on social media and directs them straight to listings and agent profile pages on the agent's website, bypassing portals. Used by thousands of agents around the world, it has so far advertised over 1 million properties. And counting...

With the 2020 launch of Engage, Adfenix is positioned to become the single most effective marketing solution to put estate agents back at the centre of the customer journey.

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