Maximize your sales with Adfenix's new results page

Do you know that we create an easy-to-understand results page for every Adfenix campaign you run? Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox the next time you order a campaign, because we will send the results page directly to you.

The next generation of our results page is now launched.

In this update, we have given the page an exciting new focus that puts you and your office right at the centre when the results are presented to your seller.

Some highlights with this update:

New agent profile section.
Now you look better than ever on the campaign results page. In this section, we highlight your name, telephone number, email and also the name of the office you work at today. When your seller shows the results to friends and family, we guarantee that you are right at the centre.

You. And the real estate agency as the sender.
As part of strengthening the relationship with your customers, we have now replaced the Adfenix logo (why was it even there from the beginning, you may ask) with the name of the brokerage firm/ estate agency you represent today. Everything to strengthen the bond to you and your brand.

Opportunity to invite several sellers. At the same time.
Inviting your sellers to the campaign results page has never been easier. Now we have made it possible for you to invite up to five sellers at the same time with a simple click.

Black on white. A page you want to print.
Does your seller prefer to have the results of the campaign presented in black and white in printed format? No problem. We have updated the print version of the results page to look even better than before, making it easier to read and understand. With everything presented on one page.

Tip: Make sure you keep your seller in the loop by inviting them to the results page. The sellers who are invited usually visit the results page several times a day.

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Ta reda på hur världens ledande marknadsföringsplattform för Fastighetsmäklarbranschen kan fungera för just ditt företag.

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Results Page Factsheet
Results Page Factsheet
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About Adfenix

Founded in 2014, Adfenix delivers world-leading digital marketing solutions for the real estate sector. Automated technology helps to simplify complex digital strategy, empowering agents to achieve a digital-first approach with minimal setup.

Our Boost suite of social media marketing products uses sophisticated AI technology to identify interested buyers and sellers on social media and directs them straight to listings and agent profile pages on the agent's website, bypassing portals. Used by thousands of agents around the world, it has so far advertised over 1 million properties. And counting...

With the 2020 launch of Engage, Adfenix is positioned to become the single most effective marketing solution to put estate agents back at the centre of the customer journey.

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Adfenix Chief Customer Officer
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Om Adfenix

Adfenix grundades av Andre Heggé och Gabriel Kamienny i Sverige 2014 med målet att möjliggöra ett mer digitalt arbetssätt för mäklare.

Adfenix har nu blivit en ledande plattform för social media marknadsföring för fastighetsbranschen med kunder över hela världen.

Över en miljon bostäder har blivit annonserade av Adfenix sedan företaget startade.


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