Adfenix Analytics

Access your results whenever, and in whatever format, you need them.

Unlocking Data For Our Customers

With the Adfenix platform delivering incredible results for our customers on a daily basis, we wanted to give them more control over how they use the data and interact with it.

The result is Adfenix Analytics 

Instead of pushing reports from the Adfenix platform to our customers via email, we have opened our doors to allow customers to pull the exact data they need, whenever they need it.

This new flexibility in Adfenix Analytics allows:

  • Access to historical analysis to monitor performance and seasonality over time
  • Comparisons of adoption versus performance to identify potential growth areas
  • Full visibility over visits and leads guenerated by your campaigns
  • Automated reporting of aggregated data in line with your preference

Adfenix Analytics is now live, and is available to those in senior, brand and administrator positions via a secure, password-protected dashboard.

For more information on Adfenix Analytics, please speak to your Customer Success Manager.

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About Adfenix

Founded in 2014, Adfenix delivers world-leading digital marketing solutions for the real estate sector. Automated technology helps to simplify complex digital strategy, empowering agents to achieve a digital-first approach with minimal setup.

Our Boost suite of social media marketing products uses sophisticated AI technology to identify interested buyers and sellers on social media and directs them straight to listings and agent profile pages on the agent's website, bypassing portals. Used by thousands of agents around the world, it has so far advertised over 1 million properties. And counting...

With the 2020 launch of Engage, Adfenix is positioned to become the single most effective marketing solution to put estate agents back at the centre of the customer journey.

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