Digital First Series

Using CX to Qualify Leads

Better understanding of your customer journey provides valuable information about the customer’s needs, allowing better lead-prioritisation for maximum return.

Becky Poynton
October 1, 2021
Digital First Series: Understanding CX to Qualify Leads

Technology has allowed consumers to become knowledgeable in their own right when it comes to their interests, and they’re more empowered than ever before to decide for themselves which brands or agencies they like and those they definitely don’t. Prospects want to engage in dialogue, voice issues they have with a product or service, and be part of the process much earlier in the customer journey than ever before. 

The Value of Positive CX

So how do agencies work CX to their advantage to convert more visitors into leads? According to a 2018 PwC report, it’s more important for professionals to get the ‘must-haves’ right than trying to apply all the bells and whistles. Nearly 80% of American consumers said that speed, convenience, knowledgeable help and friendly service are the most important elements of positive CX. They were 40-60% more willing to pay extra for these elements.

It’s clear that getting the basics right and running smoothly goes a long way in terms of winning over repeat visitors. 59% of consumers said they feel companies have lost the human touch when it comes to CX, feeling that brands don’t truly understand their needs. It’s also important to know that increased competition from new market entrants means companies and agents already in the field have to work even harder to articulate what they bring to the table.

The Value of Positive CX

However, RE companies should implement and adopt new technologies to truly add to CX and not just have them for the sake of trying to seem avant garde, while keeping in mind key factors: 

  • Communication channels need to be open, all the time - Thanks to tech, there are abundant ways today for brands and consumers to get to know each other, but today’s professionals should be able to anticipate the spoken (and perhaps unspoken) needs of potential leads - writing well-worded emails, being available on social media etc.
  • Relationship Building - Trust is pivotal, but trust takes time, and best-performing agencies who are able to demonstrate their sincerity as trusted advisors and resources will have client relationships that last years. 
  • Feedback - This is an aspect of business that many brands don’t pay close enough attention to, which is a shame, because while 80% of companies think they have terrific CX, only 8% of customers actually felt their experience was ‘superior’. 
  • Monitor social media, ROI and CRM activity - a great extra step in order to not only better assess ad spend and paid campaigns, but catch leads that fall through the cracks quickly. 

Optimize content - Make landing pages match the best interests of different types of lead profiles, promote best-performing pieces early in the week, schedule ad spend and placement to achieve further reach, etc.

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