A three day virtual conference for Real Estate professionals.

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Meet Our Speakers

Douglas Driscoll
CEO, Starr Partners
Emma Blom
Founder, Social Industries
Erik Wikander
VP, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling
Per Hedenmark
Founder & CEO, Norban
Sydney Perry
Director of Digital Content, Corcoran
Cathy Harrington
VP of Marketing, Lyon RE
Kenny Truong
Founder, Fast Real Estate
Drew Coleman
Founder, The Drew Coleman Team
André Hegge
Founder & CEO, Adfenix
Munyaradzi Hoto
CCO, Adfenix
Meris Blumstein
Licensed Real Estate Broker, Corcoran
Britt Chester
Head of Client Success, Tribus
Paul Morgan
PropTech Consultant, Kerfuffle
Leanne Pilkington
CEO, Laing+Simmons
Anton Andersson
Business Director, Social Industries
Julie Kozich
Chief Strategy Officer, Dilbeck RE
Zane Burnett
Chief Digital Officer, Willis Allen
Philip Hegge
US Director, Adfenix
Nick Moir
Head of Marketing, Andrews
Mandrapa Olsson
Head of Professional Services, Adfenix
Tay Tiwoni
Licensed Real Estate Broker, Corcoran
Nick Neill
Managing Director, Ewemove
Stefan Bjärkefur
CEO, Quedro
Carl-Johan Troedsson
Global Head of Marketing, Blok

Meet Our Speakers

The Power of Digital

Adopting a
Digital-First Strategy in Real Estate

Join Adfenix for a three day virtual conference for real estate professionals that will celebrate, demystify and embrace all things digital.

Join us for three days of keynote speakers, panel discussions, success stories and networking events to unlock the power of digital for your brand, your brokerage or your business.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Grow your market share
  • Reach more customers
  • Build your brand
  • Broadcast your successes
  • Deliver market-leading customer experiences
introducing REAL CONF 2021

3-day global conference,
15 Sessions, 25 Speakers and over 100 instant insights. Stream on-demand.

Three Days Event Agenda

TOpic of day 1
A successful digital-first approach

The digital revolution has transformed the real estate landscape. Join us to discover how a digital-first agency can use these technological leaps to their advantage, to grow market share and revenue.


7:10 PM
TOpic of day 2
Owning the customer journey

Customer data is hot property. It allows companies to better understand customer needs and build a stronger pipeline, but it’s not just for global tech giants. We ask our experts what it means for real estate.


7:10 PM
TOpic of day 3
Effective demand generation

When it comes to lead generation, in the right hands digital can be a powertool. Join us to learn more about using digital to generate demand, qualify leads and build a pipeline for the future.


7:10 PM
REAL conference 2021

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