The UK property market is GO!

It’s official! It’s time to merge that pre-lockdown best agent-ing talent with a little post-lockdown digital expertise, for an all-new safety-first approach to buying, showing and selling property.

August 12, 2021

Make the most of your comeback with some useful tools and helpful suggestions from the Adfenix team. 

Re-engage existing clients with a digital marketing plan for their property.

Your clients will have heard the news and are probably wondering what it means for them. Now is the perfect time to share a strong communication strategy to reassure them and build interest in their listing.


Be ready for any objections to advertising spend from your clients with data to back you up.

In countries affected by the pandemic, Facebook has seen a reported 50% increase in usage, and the responses to our own property ads (March vs. January) reinforce this. There’s no doubt about it: buyers are browsing from home.


Time to reboot your listing ads.

With the property market getting a headstart on the rest of the economy, get your properties in front of people, before competition for eyeballs increases.


Share your current and recent successes.

This will help to build out your pipeline and build your brand.

While you figure out your next steps, this is a great way to restart the engine on active listings, and start building new prospects.

For more ideas on “digital business as usual” contact Adfenix here