Top 10 Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents

Here are our Top 10 habits for every super-successful agent to boost performance, credibility and customer engagement.

Becky Poynton
July 28, 2020
5 min read

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1. Build a Referral Business.

The best agents are building up their referral base of known connections who they stay in contact with consistently, in order to keep branching outwards. For example, this may mean hosting a quick open-house for someone in exchange for information on any direct buyer attendees, etc.

2. Leveraging administrative work.

Best-performing real estate agents leverage work to others; when business is really rolling in, they would hire someone to help out with administrative aspects, freeing the agent up to spend their valuable time performing activities that generate revenue. Of course, nowadays, many administrative activities can be resolved digitally and this will increasingly be the case. Top agents in recent years have started to embrace AI and predictive data modelling in their processes which is key, because it is a way to constantly update and improve upon existing and emerging systems that are invaluable to agents in a digital age.

3. Diversified accessibility.

It’s hard to believe, but many agents spend time, money and marketing efforts on getting their name out there, but do not pick up the phone. Successful agents are those who are quick to respond and address a customer’s needs - and that means in an increasingly digital world where consumers will Google anything within seconds, top agents respond quickly. They also diversify their contact points, be it email, call, website, social media etc.

4. Intuitive Nurturing.

Many agents let opportunities slip by, spending dollars on marketing - but first-time website visitors are rarely ready to do business yet. Top agents craft a sales funnel that is automated efficiently along the customer journey, (retargets, emails, etc) so visitors know the agent is always proactive.

5. Scalable Digital Suite.

It’s important for agents to not only accompany their services with a well-oiled digital suite to help them keep track on leads - but also ensure it’s best-fit. Top estate agents employ CRM that is reliable, agile and scalable as they win clients along the way.


6. Goal-setting.

Top agents, whether they are with a brokerage or going solo, have personal professional targets they keep revisiting and updating along their career. This could mean making a short/long-term vision statement, analyzing which strategies work best for them, or determining their USP that sets them apart from other agents, (identifying personality traits that create value for customers and developing further skills etc).


7. Content is still King.

Top agents are increasingly sharing their knowledge and expertise via thought pieces or short blog posts on their website, firmly establishing themselves as an authoritative voice in the field. Some agents have even launched Youtube channels or Tiktok accounts and earned millions of views. Whether it be blog or video, the effect is far-reaching, because the agent is adding value or giving a rich resource/knowledge point to potential consumers before they’ve even met.


8. Top Agents have Mentors.

Every agent faces difficult decisions at some point(s) in their career. It’s important to be able to volley ideas back and forth with more experienced realtors, ever learning along the way to become a better agent.

9. Always be learning.

Just like new tech is always coming into play every six months, top agents know that they need to keep their finger on the pulse of everything. Commit to learning something new every day, especially outside your zone of expertise. Read books, watch a TEDTalk, subscribe to other agent blogs.


10. Customer Service is still the golden ticket

All top agents have one thing in common: exceptional customer service. Treating the tenth or hundredth client as if they were the very first has been proven time and time again to ensure that customers not only entrust you with their time and sale, but will also entrust you with referrals to their friends or family who are looking at the market.

For more on how added insight can help you nurture client relationships, watch this video on our lead-capture product Engage by clicking here.

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