Social Media Content Ideas – The COVID-19 Edition

Here are a few tips that are very important for agents as they continue to use social media marketing for business in these unprecedented times.

Lara Scott
September 27, 2020
5 min read

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COVID-19 continues to impact business globally – whether in first or second wave scenarios, lockdowns, recoveries or business as almost usual situations. Much has been written about what real estate professionals can and can’t do during the current COVID-19 pandemic due to different government restrictions globally, in terms of conducting business and physical distancing.

Listen more. Comment and connect. 

Online tools and channels have become the absolute go-to during this time to maintain your business and brand visibility. Social nurturing is still a key activity whilst practising varying levels of social distancing. Here are a few tips and practises to keep in mind as you continue to use social media marketing for your business.

Make sure your content is hitting the right note

Focus your efforts right now on providing content that either:

  • Uplifts
  • Educates (inform)
  • Inspires

What you choose to share on social media can be many things, but it’s important to ensure your content is not ‘off-key’. Actively listen to the conversations in your local area and amongst buyers and sellers to ensure your content is attuned to their needs. If you are not in tune people won’t listen.

Join and be active in your local neighbourhood/postcode Facebook groups

Regularly search the group for the terms “Property”, “Selling” “Renting” and “Recommendations”. Add value and answer questions in all areas of expertise – you are perfectly positioned to be the group’s local property ‘go to’ person. If a local neighbourhood group doesn’t exist, create one.

Regularly search  groups for the terms “Property”, “Selling” “Renting” and “Recommendations”.
5 Essential Facebook groups for real estate agents
  1. Local community, business and suburb groups
  2. Class of/ Grew up around/ Remember when/ Then and now/ Memories or histories
  3. Mothers and fathers groups
  4. Buy, sell and swap groups
  5. Property to buy, rent or sell
Be accessible in your channels

Monitor your pages closely and be available to answer all enquiries. Social channels represent a fantastic opportunity to engage via Post and Comments in conversations, as well as via Messenger.

  • Ensure your Messenger is set to provide an automated response if you are not available
  • Monitor and respond in long-form to all comments in both Organic and Paid shares. You are able to respond as either your Agency, Agent Brand Page or Personal profile.
Be “Open for Business”

Nothing says “We are Open For Business” better than showing the world that you have properties to sell, and are working for your clients to seek interested ‘in market’ and passive buyers via social media, where they are still spending even more time.

Staying top of mind with digital letterbox drops via social also keeps people aware of your agency and agent brand as the property market continues to see a great deal of movement globally as people consider where and how they want to live.

If you want to advertise that you are “Open for Business” with an office or agent profile post that is not connected to a property listing our Professional Services team can help.

We offer bespoke Tailored Ad solutions to our customer if you have something a bit different in mind. Contact your Adfenix Customer Success or Sale Representative to find out more via

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