Stuck for Real Estate Social Media Content Ideas?

Here are some foolproof ideas for agents who may have a creative block when it comes to the different kinds of content required for social media.

Sandrino Breshani
October 14, 2020
5 min read

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Aside from posting about new property for sale to attract buyers, or showing off recent sales successes and customer reviews (to attract sellers and improve your brand authority) you’ll need to create content in other areas if you want people to interact with your posts.

It can be really hard coming up with good content ideas. Again we urge you to keep in mind that less is more. It’s much better to create a few quality articles or other pieces of content like a how to guide etc. each month than it is to create tons of low value content that people won’t want to read or will simply bounce away from after a few seconds. 

So don’t pressure yourself to suddenly become a publishing house overnight. Instead sit down and think about what you could create that would be of genuine interest or use to your customers. 

Also, don’t be afraid to mix your original content with a few curated articles that will also interest your audience. Adding your take, opposing opinion or a question to the top of shared link adds context to why you are sharing it and can also start a conversation.

Here are some potential angles you could explore.

A Listicle

Everybody likes listicles (list articles), you know those  ‘Top 10’ type blogs. Listicles can be useful for your audience with the right spin, for example: ‘The 10 Most Important Things To Do When Staging A Home For Sale’ or ‘5 Great Ways To Get More For Your Money When Buying A Home.’

Create A Little Uncertainty

Buying and selling a house are major events for most people, and will often be the biggest transaction they undertake in their lives. Now we’re not saying prey on their fears, but creating articles that highlight the potential issues (while offering helpful advice) can be a great way to get some interactions. For example: ‘5 Things That Will Ruin Your Sale’ or ‘Are You Preventing Your Home From Selling?’

Write A Tutorial Or Guide

Offer a useful guide that provides some professional insight to help buyers and sellers, tips on negotiation, how to price a property, what to cover for moving day, how to select a solicitor etc.

Get The Party Started

Use entertainment like contests, polls, quizzes, restaurant reviews, or events to tickle a reader’s funny bone, spark participation or commenting. Make sure your contest complies with Facebooks rules ( and you are not using the click bait techniques mentioned on page 9 for your polls. 

Use Example Marketing

Establish your brand as a problem solver - talk about an interesting or challenging past sale and what you did to overcome the problems, like selling a unique property or overcoming some issue around the location etc.

Money Talk

Offer data-based insights into your local market place but don’t offer authoritative market predictions or financial advice. This is probably an area where curated content from trusted local account firms/affiliates would be best utilised.

Profile Your Area

Talk about what’s going on in the area, schools, amenities, do interviews with people in the area including officials, business owners, tradesmen, and more. 

These are just broad topic areas to get you started, but as you can see there is a potentially huge amount of content you could create just in these basic topics. Getting into the detail and working out what would resonate with your audience might take a little time, but if it means your marketing reaches and engages your audience it will be time well spent.

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