7 Reasons Why Mobile Matters To Your Marketing

Making your valuable website content available anywhere has never been more important. Here are 7 reasons why mobile matters in an agent’s marketing strategy.

Becky Poynton
May 31, 2021
5 min read

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7 Reasons Why Mobile Matters in an Agent’s Marketing Strategy

Many agents work hard to get their websites up and running, but more than 40% of people now search only on a smartphone, according to Google - giving agents today all the more reason to brush up on their mobile marketing strategy and making sure they’re not losing out on a wider audience. It’s an important way to ensure that their valuable website content is accessible at any point, at any time, from any device. 

Here are a few reasons why and how mobile marketing matters for agents more than ever before: 

1. Mobile marketing can promote customer retention -
Agents need to keep relationships up with past clients, (the number 1 source of referrals to new ones), and mobile marketing can help immensely. Carefully crafted, timed messaging campaigns can go hand in hand with geolocation, for example, as mobiles are a tremendous source of data collection from users. Whenever a client is near one of an agent’s properties, they could be SMS alerted of exclusive deals or other relevant information that lets them know an agent still has their interests at heart.

2. Leveraging technologies like QR codes and NFC tags can boost lead generation -
These technologies allow anyone to quickly scan the code with their smartphone, perhaps as they’re walking past an agent’s office or spot it in a physical ad format (business card, direct mailers etc), but is much more of a timesaver than having potential clients fill out a form or go to great efforts briefing them on FAQs. Being able to scan these codes with their devices gives clients the freedom and privacy to read up on your website at their own time and leisure, and filling out information fields in more detail. 

3. AR codes
(Augmented Reality QR codes) can also be powerful tools for agents to place on the listings section of their websites, so customers can scan them and have a virtual tour in real-time, offering visitors complete information about different properties, while at the same time improving overall ROI. 

4. Optimizing mobile presence on social media platforms -
This is how important it is for the digital agent to make sure their social media presence is strong enough on mobile devices: 

  • 95.1% of Facebook users worldwide access the network on their smartphone 
  • 60% of LinkedIn traffic comes from mobile devices 
  • More than half of all video views come from mobile devices 
  • 80% of all social media browsing is on mobile devices 

Agents can increase engagement, not only by posting listings on these platforms, but generate content that’s interesting and relevant to a huge audience - thought pieces, infographics, images, memes, success stories, video  clips, vlogs, etc. 

5. Going mobile-first with ads -
pay-per-click ads (PPC) can be integral to driving traffic to a website, and agents have many forms to choose from: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads etc. Agents need to prioritize localized ads with images and CTAs that cater to mobile-happy audiences. Another reason to pay attention to mobile? Phone-based CPCs (Cost per Clicks) cost 24% less than desktop and have a 40% higher CTR.

6. Increased conversion rates -
Average smartphone conversion rates are up by over 60% compared to average desktop rates, owing to the fact that users usually have specific queries in mind when they conduct a search on mobile. This calls for agents to streamline their customer journey processes across all platforms and devices, and make sure CTAs are clear, simple to follow, and prevalent. 

7. Mobile Chat -
We’ve seen versions of it on websites themselves, but more and more agents are realizing that being accessible to their audiences via messaging apps can give customers a sense of comfort and familiarity when it comes to posing queries and getting an almost immediate response. Likewise, text messaging will be on the rise. Mobile Marketing Watch predicts that by 2025, “50% of text messages consumers receive will be from preferred businesses”. 

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