Adfenix Engage - Converting leads and adding value

Adfenix Engage is a powerful marketing operations tool that lets agents refresh their lead capture methods with enhanced results. Read on for more information.

Rikard Jonsson
May 22, 2020
5 min read

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It’s only been widely available for a month or so to all clients, but we are pleased to say our Engage platform is proving to be the new secret sauce for agencies in reboot mode, after the restrictions to business throughout the worst of the first wave of COVID-19.
Data insights from one client, who activated the platform two weeks ago, show a 4.8X increase in leads captured on their website compared to both the previous month and also the other forms and lead capture methods they already deploy.

Client started using Engage by Adfenix in May 2020. Captured leads are from the Engage Capture App.

People more than willing to share their details...but it comes with expectations

Of 161 client profiles captured and identified as wanting to book a viewing, receive a sold alert, or to book an appraisal/valuation, 21% (34) willingly volunteered more insights into their property journey and requirements. Knowing that a lead is a buyer or seller enables you to initiate highly-focussed conversations to immediately address the customers needs – helping you win their business. 

21% of all captured leads gave more information to identify themselves as a buyer, seller or mortgage seeker...maybe all three.

All the leads you receive via Engage are “warm or hot”. And with the insights you have already gained from their Engage submissions, you will have great opening conversations – helping you win more business.

That being said, even hot leads can cool quickly in the fast-moving world of real estate. The best way to ensure you get the most from each lead is to respond promptly. We’ve seen the best results where clients receive a response via callback or SMS within a 1.5 hour window. This shorter callback time frame is an appropriate response for those who have entrusted you with their personal information. 

Act fast and win

With a helpful amount of automation to facilitate the experience for both parties, Engage is designed to embed the agent firmly in the lead conversion process. It is not about a “robot taking over.”

With any digital qualification platform, there is a handshake point at which the expert knowledge an agent can provide to move the conversation along, is pivotal to the experience. The customer should ultimately feel they are getting an enhanced, more personal service from the agent.

Revolutionising onsite interaction

It’s a bold statement, but we are seeing first-hand how the interaction experience offered by Engage, is revolutionising the way agency websites capture and respond to property enquiries. The design intent of Engage was to improve the experience and efficiency for agents and customers, through better application of technology.

If these initial anecdotal responses from our clients are anything to go by, Engage is on its way to fulfilling that goal.

“I rang to follow up a Request Viewing lead and have an appraisal/valuation with the lady next week” 
“We have used different lead suppliers over the years. None compare to the quality coming through Engage. And they are coming from our own website!”
“We have noticed a high volume of leads coming from our website for the first time ever”
“We were wondering where all these leads were coming from, makes sense now that we know about Engage”
“We had a lady come in from a Viewing Request lead. She bid at the online auction for the property. She was not the successful bidder but drove competition for the property. The vendor was very happy with the result.”
 “Knowing all this information about the lead has been extremely valuable – we can start focusing on helping the lead, building trust and relationship, right away – which is a much easier phone call to make.”
“I called one lady that said she was both buying and selling – then I met her two weeks ago and now I have sold her home, that validated the product for me”
“…so far we haven't had a single incorrect lead from Engage.”

We will be further exploring the data over the coming months and publishing reports that share the insights we uncover. For more specific details about the circumstances surrounding the Engage results so far, please contact our sales team at Being a global business we can offer unique insights into best practice which we trust add value to your business at a local level.

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