What does effective demand generation look like?

What are the secrets to effective demand generation? Is it about quality or quantity? And is it possible to bring home the bacon, without breaking the bank?

Becky Poynton
August 12, 2021
What Does Effective Demand Generation Really Look Like?

Our research has shown that most real estate firms have had at least a stint with paid digital marketing. Many firms appear to have the digital infrastructure to run extensive campaigns, though not all of those are utilizing it fully. Some firms are currently spending big but the execution ranges from scattergun to targeted. And very few firms are running ongoing, automated, targeted campaigns. 

Demand generation, by definition, is the focus of targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and interest in a company’s products and services. To make a marketing program targeted, data and technology (tools) are required. The quality of the data, the technology, and of course the strategy, determines its success. You could say, therefore, that effective demand generation is no more complicated than good data and technology, driven by good strategy. The most common areas of digital demand generation observed in our research were: 

• Organic social media (typically, in order of frequency used: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter)
• Paid search and portals 
• Display ads and paid social media
• Content marketing (i.e. web/app content), including SEO 
• Email marketing

The 2021 Digital Marketing Benchmark Report for Real Estate

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