A Digital First Approach to Your Customer Journey

Connecting your customer journey to your digital strategy can yield many benefits, from better customer service to less reliance on portals...

Becky Poynton
August 12, 2021
Connecting Your Customer Journey to Your “Digital First” Strategy

We all know a digital-first approach means that every piece of communication, whether textual, visual or tonal, is conducted digitally in preference to physically. It is not a tactical checklist; more an extensive, strategic approach as to how a firm or agent interacts with people. 

The surest way to determine if your firm is avoiding such a shortfall is to set out what your typical customer wants and align that with digital capabilities. This is surely a simple exercise, since you know your customers well. Based on our research, here is a summary of a typical customer’s needs (remember that we refer to buyers and sellers loosely as ‘customers’ since essentially they are both party to a sale and are aligned in their pursuit of a transaction). 


• Want their property to sell at the highest possible price in the shortest possible time
• Want their property to be portrayed in the best possible light
• Expect their property to be highly visible and easily understood
• Want a fair, efficient and pleasant transaction


• Expect to be able to find a house that matches their criteria efficiently
• Want a detailed and transparent representation of applicable properties
• Want a fair, efficient and pleasant transaction

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