Digital First Series

Marketing Automation for RE

Here's why 77% of CMOs cite marketing automation as a significant contributor to revenue growth and vital source of actionable insight for real estate agents.

Becky Poynton
Becky Poynton
October 1, 2021
5 min read
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Marketing Automation for RE

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Digital First Series: Real Estate Marketing Automation and Revenue Growth

Automation has firmly planted its roots in modern-day marketing, with 77% of CMOs at top-performing companies citing Marketing Automation as a significant contributor to revenue growth.

But beyond increasing profits, the adaptability and range that Marketing Automation (MA) offers in terms of optimization are multifold: 

  • It streamlines many online marketing efforts and daily repetitive tasks, boosting productivity by 20%  because it frees up overworked professionals and even entire teams to focus on more complex and interpersonal activities that center on business goals. 
  • 80% of companies saw an increase in lead generation/nurturing after adopting MA software because of its capabilities of establishing strong, steady interactions with qualified leads/customers
  • Top-ranking  MA techniques like email automation, profiling and targeting, and personalization through dynamic content greatly enrich customer insight. Professionals across multiple industries credit MA as helping them better monitor, measure and target client behavior and identify problem points. 
  • It offers an overall system of communications that is consistent with brand ethos and voice, which is even more advantageous when coupled with the ability to scale across businesses of any size (with many moving parts). For example, one automated social media marketing campaign can be set up to send a prepared marketing asset to all or some contacts at a designated time.

While the benefits of marketing automation across industries are plenty, its adoption within the real estate sector is still in a somewhat nascent stage, because the industry has unique needs and challenges. 

While agencies collect endless amounts of data, emerging startups are finding ways to digitize and make sense of all that information to produce actionable intelligence that will help RE professionals better serve their clients.

Going one step further, big data in real estate means working with machine learning and automating in unprecedented ways, employing a large number of parameters and basically offering insight on many more factors than a simple bedroom:bathroom ratio. Leaders in the industry who thrive in this new era that real estate is entering will be those who, from now, overcome fear of the unknown and instead are excited in familiarizing themselves with the upcoming solutions that these real estate-focused platforms are bringing to the forefront for the first time.

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