Adfenix vs Adwerx

How Adfenix and Adwerx occupy different categories when it comes to the pain-points that are solved.

Pain Points

I need to match my agents’ expectations for digital ads

Cost-efficient automated digital ads for the brokerage and agents

I need to match sellers’ expectations for digital property ads

I spend too much time on agent marketing support

I need to increase brand awareness

I need more traffic to my brokerage website

AI-powered Targeting
*13x higher CTR than industry average
* Increase website leads by 5-10x

I do not generate enough buyer and seller leads from company-owned channels

I need to increase brand awareness through my own channels

Connect any social media account

I don't want my agents to create campaigns with poor copy and images

Complete customization of the ad templates that your agents may order

I need to tailor the program based on region/ price-point/ agents/ other, since I don’t have the budget/ need to do everything

Complete customization of the programs that are available to your agents

I need to provide a unique value proposition for recruiters and agents

Uniquely, white-labeled and tailored programs that will only be available to your brokerage and agents

I struggle to understand the ROI of my marketing activities

Enterprise Analytics

I do not have any insights into agent marketing spend

I struggle when launching agent-paid programs

Custom-made launch plans using a proven Adfenix methodology
* Est. adoption >60%

I have low conversion rates on my brokerage website traffic

Engage Capture Widget
* 2-10x increase in conversion rate

The agents are not following up on the leads being generated

Qualifying every single lead that comes in for higher-quality leads and conversations

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