Is your website compatible with your CRM?

Your CRM system is the safe that holds your customer information and captures valuable leads, but is yours up to the job? See our essential checklist below…

Becky Poynton
Becky Poynton
May 4, 2021
5 min read
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Is your website compatible with your CRM?

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Is your website compatible with your CRM?

Most realtors and agencies are able to manage scores of clients - each with specific requirements and needs - by adopting CRM. A good CRM system alleviates the agent’s workload by automating much of the chaos that can happen from the influx of data coming in from various sources, primarily websites. 

CRMs are crucial in helping agents build and manage client relationships and digitizing sales but the level of efficiency drops drastically if it’s not in sync with the agent’s website - the main gateway to that relationship. It’s important therefore for agents to do some homework: 

  1. Studying which systems will actually link up with their website (choosing CRM carefully and according to which business needs are a priority). These can be anything between SaaS, standalone CRM or custom CRM solutions. 
  2. Figuring out if a CRM specialist should be consulted to help propose solutions 
  3. Identifying if the CRM chosen is cloud-based or housed on a local server 
  4. Testing the accuracy of website fields and data entry points and whether they are synchronized to the CRM adopted. Non-integration of website and CRM wastes time on data collection, and will most likely result in more work as agents will then have to export data from the website and import manually, or worse, miss out on valuable data entirely. 
  5. Testing if the fields or data entry points or other CTA features on the website are compelling enough, and if they are profiling customers well enough (the more data is collected regarding visitors, the more complete the profile)
  6. Determining whether there is less frequent data import or a need for live feed. 
  7. Implementing an automated thank you acknowledgement notice to the person upon form completion on-site can assure them that their inquiry is noted and being dealt with, and can assist the nurturing process as the CRM system tracks customer satisfaction and journey. 
  8. Making sure that all integrations with differing softwares are in sync and exchanging information accurately, whether those integrations are implemented natively (in-house), by third-party or using an API key. 
  9. Assessing all the ways in which visitors are accessing and interacting with the website - downloadables, freebies, whitepapers, comments section, polls, tutorials, social media feeds, blogs etc. Whatever they may be, is the CRM hooked up to each of those access points and able to track and analyze visitor activity? 
  10. Will there be a need to hire additional specialists to address more sensitive visitors who may benefit from additional help desk support invitations or further suggestions (these small actions can turn one-time visitors into long-term relationships). 

The benefits of having an agent website be compatible with their chosen CRM are manifold, enabling agents to:

  • Be available beyond just office hours and ‘in real-time’, and able to respond that much quicker to property inquiries 
  • Track all conversations with leads at any stage of the customer funnel with no need to waste time and energy hunting through outdated spreadsheets 
  • Have a fuller, more complete picture of customer interactions with the brand, as well as better visibility of client behavior and buying habits. 
  • Distinguish between high-value clients and those that are more dead-end cases
  • Integrate with other marketing and social media tools instantly 
  • Schedule dates on the calendar, set up calling integration, assign relevant email marketing campaigns to each lead etc. 
  • Reduce manual error and duplication, as well as the need for manual processes 
  • Manage sales pipeline centrally and keep track of closings 
  • Maintain relationships with past clients and plan for future referrals 
  • See increased volumes because of more high-quality data input and customer profile, which ultimately leads to higher-quality leads and higher sales conversion rates.

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