Tailored Campaigns

Introducing an exciting new capability via the Adfenix platform: flexible, multi-purpose advertising that delivers the AI-powered targeting you expect from Adfenix to drive results for any project. Meet Tailored Campaigns from Adfenix.

May 19, 2021
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Tailored Campaigns

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GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN, May 19th, 2021

The ability to customize for each office allows them to maintain their reputation as trusted local experts, while delivering a unified brand experience, and the quality assurance your brand is known for.

With the streamlined usability you expect from Adfenix, the centralised platform experience allows you to control budgets and monitor results with real-time reporting. This added transparency at brand, and office level, puts the power in your hands to drive local leads and market share. 

From finding new sellers in a specific location, to profiling your office or agents, the templates provide a flexible way to communicate with local communities in a meaningful and relevant way, ultimately building trust in your agents, and your brand.

Speak to your Adfenix representative to find out how this feature could help your brand, and to see Tailored Campaigns in action.

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