Reinhart Realtors Partners With Adfenix

Charles Reinhart Realtors ( and Adfenix have partnered to scale up the digital presence of the Michigan brokerage, covering the greater Ann Arbor area.

Becky Poynton
Becky Poynton
November 14, 2022
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Reinhart Realtors Partners With Adfenix

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Reinhart Realtors To Roll Out Automated Marketing Programs Following a Successful Pilot with Marketing Platform Adfenix

Charles Reinhart Realtors ( and Adfenix - the marketing platform for real estate – have partnered to scale up the digital presence of the Michigan brokerage, covering the greater Ann Arbor area. The new product offered by Reinhart Realtors, known as Reinhart Ad_Vantage, will provide high-quality traffic and leads to all properties via AI-powered, behavior-targeted advertising campaigns on social media.

Designed and managed by Adfenix solely for the real estate industry, the 100% automated program is used by brokerages to alleviate the pressure on brokers to manage these complicated and potentially costly campaigns. It is commonly used as a listing-winning tool thanks to the increased exposure and potential buyer leads it brings; buyers specifically looking for properties in a given area, price bracket, and property-style. 

Brokers using Reinhart Ad_Vantage can track results, see total clicks, click-through rate, day-by-day exposure, total impressions, and more, while sharing live ad results with the vendor.


Marsha Volchoff, Chief Operating Officer at Reinhart Realtors, says, “we were interested in scaling our digital presence, and worked with Adfenix to build a pilot scheme based at one of our office locations. The results were overwhelmingly positive and we are excited to roll Reinhart Ad_Vantage out to our other offices with immediate effect.”
Working closely with Volchoff, Adfenix US Director Philip Hegge adds, “we couldn’t be more delighted to welcome a prestigious and influential brokerage like Reinhart Realtors into the Adfenix community of partners. Their passion to deliver a premium service to their communities and customers is inspirational, and we look forward to playing a part in that moving forward. ”

To learn more about Charles Reinhart Realtors, visit:

About Charles Reinhart Realtors

Founded in 1971, Reinhart is the definitive market leader in the greater Ann Arbor area, including Washtenaw, Jackson, southern Livingston, northern Lenawee and western Wayne Counties, with annual sales of more than $663 million.

We owe our success today to setting the bar high from the beginning.  Founder Charles Reinhart said, "We never set out to be number one.  We were committed to creating a quality organization."  That emphasis on quality has created generations of repeat customers, and a reputation for treating them like family.  In fact, the whole Reinhart operation functions internally like an extended family, with surprisingly low turnover of agents and staff in an age when the average adult changes jobs every couple of years.

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