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Marketing tech company Adfenix rises into US market as big brokerages face new threats

Adfenix featured in Inman News, an article written by the prop-tech journalist, Craig C. Rowe.

February 10, 2022
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Marketing tech company Adfenix rises into US market as big brokerages face new threats

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Sweden-based company Adfenix is making waves in the US market as big brokerages continue to face new threats, according to a recent article published by leading real estate news source, Inman News. Adfenix is recognized for providing a number of tech solutions for stateside brokerages, among which includes an outreach digital strategy service that works closely with clients in order to earn organic responses, higher quality leads and generate robust traffic to websites. 

The company’s recent slew of partnership announcements, (including that of notable brokerages like Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach, Corcoran and many others under the LeadingRe umbrella), comes as the platform identifies core issues regarding the difficulties that agents face when it comes to consumer experience and listing data. While Sweden’s portals have a history of cooperating with data providers, (sending lead data directly back to agents in exchange for a fee), their American counterparts have a much more convoluted relationship, i.e. far too many parties in the portal model have access to consumer information. 

The Adfenix platform offers a much more streamlined, detailed and flexible dashboard that takes account of every single interaction customers have with an agent website, building unique customer profiles for each lead that better inform future ad campaigns. Inman describes the Adfenix enterprise as ‘the new mantelpiece for proptech’, becoming a forerunner in the game as it leads the industry away from the idea of relationship management and into data management, based on the idea that Customer Data Platform (CDP) will soon become more valuable to successful brokerages than a single Customer Relationship Management (CRM) model. This gradual shift will prove more lucrative and sustainable for real estate businesses who are willing to invest in the type of full suite of marketing operations services that companies like Adfenix provides - especially poignant as 41% of traditional stakeholders cited in a 2021 survey that ‘keeping up with technology’ is one of their biggest challenges of the next two years.

Read the full article written by the prop-tech journalist, Craig C. Rowe, here; Inman News.

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