Adfenix Launch Engage

Product Launch - Adfenix launch Engage: our new website-enhancement platform designed to increase efficiency in real estate agencies and brokerages

March 30, 2020
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Adfenix Launch Engage

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‍The property sector currently faces disruption from the rise of portals, which increasingly marginalize the role of the agent in the customer’s property journey. Despite this, customers still recognise the importance of an estate agent in the overall buying/selling process. Engage seeks to empower real estate agents to better serve that customer by identifying them earlier in the process, and more clearly defining their immediate and longer-term needs.

Speaking from the Adfenix Headquarters in Gothenburg, Carl-Robin Kylander (Head of Product) said, “[through Engage] the leads that we provide our customers will enable them to provide an even more personalised experience towards their own designing an experience that really helps and delights their visitors”.

CEO André Hegge said of the vision of Engage, “in most cases, more buyers and sellers–than any agent could dream of–browse the agent’s website as anonymous web visitors. Engage is all about reducing that waste by turning anonymous web visitors into real contacts, and enabling agents to have intelligent conversations with these contacts through insights on their behaviours and needs; turning web visitors into contacts, and contacts into customers.”

The proptech company, established in 2014, has collaborated with clients around the world to beta test the new product prior to its global launch. Nick Moir, Head of Marketing for Andrews, UK, said of Engage, “we are getting more info from the clients without disrupting the customer flow. This has enabled us to have intelligent conversations at scale.”  

Theo Field, IT & Systems Manager at Ray White Remuera, NZ, added, “Adfenix and Engage are extremely powerful tools, backed by an excellent support team and cutting edge technology. The high quality of the information captured by Engage is superior to any other lead provider we have seen.”

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Adfenix CEO Hegge recognizes the value of technology in nurturing social relationships during this period of essential social distancing.

Hegge explains, “With reduced opportunity to conduct business in person, digital becomes an ever more valuable tool in protecting brokerages from the financial impact of COVID-19. As a digital-first organisation, we feel a responsibility to try to help our clients to navigate this crisis. As a result, Adfenix will be offering the new Engage product to new and existing clients free of charge, until September 30th.”

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