Adfenix COVID 19 Update

Coronavirus (COVID 19) – An update on our planning for all eventualities at Adfenix as the outbreak unfolds

March 18, 2020
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Adfenix COVID 19 Update

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GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN, March 18th, 2020:
Like all businesses, we’re paying close and constant attention to how the Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak is unfolding. As we all face uncertainty, both at home and at work, we wanted to provide an update to our valued clients as to how we’re planning for all eventualities here at Adfenix.

We are carefully monitoring the situation and following the latest local Government and Public Health guidance in all markets that we operate in. There is no change to existing service levels at this time. To date our office has not been affected, however the health of Adfenix’s clients, employees and partners is our biggest concern.

From the data we have, we observe that the property market is alive and that digital engagement is a credible and effective path to continue to engage and nurture buyers and sellers during this period of uncertainty. Our data shows that home-owners are still listing properties for sale in most markets that we operate in, while the cost of advertising inventory has seen a decrease, resulting in improved campaign performance. 

We are committed to ensuring continuity of service, subject to any specific advice received, or any new restrictions that come into force. As part of our planning, unless otherwise stated, we’ll continue to be available via phone, email, and other messaging platforms. The majority of our team will be working remotely, especially any individuals that fall into categories deemed to be at a higher risk from the virus.

With the picture constantly changing, we will keep you updated with any further developments that may affect operations, but will endeavour to keep business as usual.

We trust this update offers a degree of reassurance, but please feel free to contact us through the usual channels if you need our help in any way. We will do everything we can to provide you with the support that you have come to expect from us, regardless of the challenges we face.

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