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Adfenix announces acquisition of Quedro

Marketing automation platform Adfenix announces the acquisition of customer data platform Quedro, to create full-spectrum marketing programs for real estate.

Becky Poynton
Becky Poynton
October 19, 2021
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Adfenix announces acquisition of Quedro

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Empowering real estate brands with full-spectrum marketing programs

Real estate marketing automation platform Adfenix announces the acquisition of customer data platform Quedro, to create full-spectrum marketing programs that will empower real estate brands to get more from their marketing budgets.

The integration of Quedro capabilities to the Adfenix product suite will unlock a deeper understanding of customer needs and motivations through enriched data.

The process of managing customers from initial interest to transaction is often fragmented, with a lot of valuable data leakage at each customer touchpoint.

Building a competitive moat using customer data will give real estate brands  the ability to launch bespoke and targeted marketing programs at a local and national level, while harvesting rich prospect and customer data across multiple channels.
With this differentiation from their competitors, brands will be able to master the tools of intelligent lead nurturing, routing and ROI modelling, all the way through to a sale.
The combined power of Adfenix and Quedro, will allow any customer, regardless of what CRM platform they use to:

Gain a better understanding of buyers and sellers as they transition from initial interest to transaction.
Power a game-changing, multi-channel experience to customers through integrated campaigns combining web, email, social media, sms and applications.
Connect these integrated campaigns to established sales processes within the CRM environment, to achieve a single customer profile across all channels.

The combined power of the Quedro data platform and the flexibility of the Adfenix marketing automation platform will be generally available to all customers that wish to explore these features with immediate effect. Customers will be able to configure their preferences within their Adfenix account, with the support of the Adfenix customer care team.


Of the acquisition, Adfenix CEO & Co-Founder André Hegge said,
“I’m delighted to announce that all Adfenix customers, effective immediately, will be able to power up their sales program with a range of exciting capabilities brought by the integration of Quedro. It makes Adfenix the first marketing platform to be powered by a true real estate customer data platform.”
Quedro CEO & Founder, Stefan Bjärkefur adds,
“Integrating the Quedro product to a best-in-class marketing solution such as Adfenix provides agents with a unique opportunity to manage their customers’ journey end-to-end, and provide a service that is second to none.”
Munyaradzi Hoto, Adfenix Chief Customer Officer agrees,
“In today’s competitive real estate environment, marketing needs to drive sales. Integrating the customer data  capabilities of Quedro means that we are able to offer our customers better visibility and understanding of their return on investment throughout the sales and marketing process.”

To learn more about the new capabilities accessible to real estate agencies following the acquisition, Adfenix invites enquiries to its customer success team via this form. For press enquiries, or additional comment, please contact Adfenix Head of Content, Rebecca Poynton:

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