Adfenix helps some of the largest brokerages solve key challenges by automating tailored marketing programs for their agents and brand.

The effects

For our clients, the effect of using Adfenix looks like this.


More seller leads


More showing requests


More agent contact requests


More visitors to the
listings page

"Incredibly successful tool for our agents"

- It’s been an incredibly successful tool for our agents and the reason it's so successful is because its so easy to use. The adoption rate for our agents has skyrocketed to 90%

Christine Kim – Climb Real Estate

Eric Kjome – Climb Real Estate

Kenny Truong – Fast Real Estate | eXp Realty

Drew Coleman – Hasson Realtors

Nick Moir – Andrews Property Group

Cathy Harrington

Marketing Director

Lyon Real Estate

"Adfenix saves agents time.
It’s a great listing tool and a seller pleaser."

Clelia Peters


Warburg Realty

"The Adfenix platform enables us to attract buyers and generate more leads per listing through our own website."

Sydney Perry

Director of Digital Content

The Corcoran Group

"Before Adfenix, we were spending numerous hours executing ads on our agents' behalf. It was a very time consuming and manual process."

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5 ways Adfenix help brokerages support agents

Own your digital space

The property aggregators are increasing in strength and quantity and it is increasingly difficult for marketing teams to generate business from their own channels. We help you transform your website and channels into strategic assets that help your agents increase their GCI.

Improve the seller & agent experience

The consumer expectations are shifting and a comprehensive digital strategy is increasingly important when younger generations are picking their real estate agent. This leads to higher expectations on brokerage marketing teams to support agents.

Prove impact

The competition for eyeballs, traffic and leads is increasing steadily - which makes your job of proving the impact to all stakeholders involved that much more difficult.

Automate Marketing Programs

Taking in requests. Creating ads. Optimizing campaigns. Reporting to multiple stakeholders... Those are just a few things that makes supporting agents with their marketing extremely time-consuming in an ever-evolving marketing landscape. We help you in every step of the process to reach the outcomes you and your stakeholders want with your marketing.

Differentiate from the competition

Being on “digital” is not enough anymore. We help you customize white-labled programs that stick out from the competition - giving you, your recruiters and your agents a clear differentiation on the next sales pitch.

We work with the industry's leading brands

As trusted partners of some of the world's leading real estate brands, Adfenix are specialists in digital marketing strategy and marketing automation for the real estate industry.