Data-powered social media advertising for real estate

Adfenix enables real estate portals to offer data-powered social media advertising to the Sellers

Monetize user data through existing Sellers

Real estate portals have tons of valuable user data. They know who is looking to buy what. They also have a close relationship with Sellers, who are looking for ways to advertise their homes.

Adfenix optimizes the value of the real estate portals user data and enables them to create data-powered advertising products on Facebook and Google that can be sold to the Sellers.

What we do

dataData Powered Audiences – Automatic creation of optimized target audiences consisting of the people most likely to be interested in each of the real estates on your website. Based upon your website users’ behavior, metadata from your listings and our internal algorithms.

automatedAutomated Advertising – Automatic creation of targeted listing-based advertising campaigns on social media (e.g. Facebook) based on pre-set criteria. Images and descriptions are automatically grabbed from your website and manual edit enabled.

serviceAdvertising as a Service – Copy & paste a snippet of code and you are ready to start offering listing-based social media advertising as a service to your Sellers.

About AdFenix

Adfenix was initiated as an idea at the beginning of 2014 after realization of the underutilized value that there is in real estate portals user data. After many iterations, a year (or two!), several prototypes and countless meetings, Adfenix was born as a platform enabling real estate portals to offer data-powered social media advertising as a service. Today we’re a team of 10 people and we are active with clients in 9 different countries.

Some of our customers

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