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Reach more buyers and sellers with social media in 2020

PRDnationwide Coffs Harbour

Showcasing property listings on social media and extending their digital channel marketing for customers and themselves.


A winning solution for Sean Campbell and the PRDnationwide Coffs Harbour team

Sean Campbell, PRDnationwide Coffs Harbour

PRDnationwide Coffs Harbour has adopted a simple and highly-effective social media marketing strategy to deliver a consistent brand presence across social channels.

Using Adfenix to automatically create and distribute their property listings and agent profile ads on Facebook and Instagram as part of their vendor digital marketing schedule, also means there is $0 cost to the office for the exposure.

The office benefits from extending the reach of their listings outside of portal classifieds as well as building business through highly-targeted digital letterbox drops in the form of Facebook ads. And both their customers and the PRDnationwide Coffs Harbour team couldn't be happier.

"We are using Adfenix across 100% of our residential listings at the office," said Sean Campbell, sales consultant and third-generation real estate agent in Coffs Harbour.

"The impressions and click through rates are far superior to a listing that we upload to Facebook ourselves. And it is so easy to use," continued Sean.

Because the Adfenix product provides each listing with not only a Property Ad but also a pre-sale Agent Ad, the exposure is the equivalent of a double-shot coffee. Twice the impact wrapped into one product.

By adding the solution to every listing the PRDnationwide Coffs Harbour office has constant social media exposure to audiences of buyers and sellers rather than adhoc presence with only a few selected properties.

"One of the top reasons I would recommend Adfenix is that it also sends out an agent ad which is basically like a just listed but without having to letterbox drop thus saving money on paper and also saving the environment," concluded Sean.

In October, not only did more than 600+ people view each and every one of their property listings on the PRDnationwide website but they also drove an extra 60 locals (and potential sellers) to visit their agent profile pages as well.

There is a huge bonus in directing traffic to your PRDnationwide website, as opposed to a portal listing or third-party landing page. Not only does it deliver data which helps you gain even more insights into customer behaviour online it also works to return ownership of both buyers and sellers digital property journey to you.

See below for the results of one of Sean's best campaigns last month for 520 Crossmaglen Road, Bonville NSW 2450.

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LISTING RESULTS 520 Crossmaglen RoaD

Proof in the numbers

These results were achieved with an ad spend of $150 + GST as part of a vendor digital marketing schedule.

Extended campaign options

Standard 10-day campaigns deliver great traffic results for the property listing. You can now also choose to extend the length of the campaign in order to reach a larger audience for longer.

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