January 30, 2018

How to deal with Facebook changing their newsfeed

As Facebook is moving towards a newsfeed based on relationships, connections and actually building relationships, only so-called winner posts will make it to your audience's newsfeed.

In January Facebook announced a major change to encourage meaningful social interaction on social media. Mark Zuckerberg wrote: “In continuing our focus for 2018 to make sure the time we spend on Facebook is time well spent…” As Facebook is moving towards a newsfeed based on relationships, connections and actually building relationships, only so-called winner posts will make it to your audience's newsfeed.  

What it means for your newsfeed

The update means you’ll see more posts from your friends and family, instead of page posts or non-paid posts. Instead of stuffing your Facebook feed with the most clicked posts, popular post or the post with the highest advertising budget, your feed will show you posts shared, commented on or posted by friends and family.

Most of us cheer and find this the best thing since sliced bread. Who aren’t tired of getting our news feed spammed?

But wait, what about your real estate ads out there? What will happen to them?  

What it means for your paid advertising

As Facebook start prioritising friends content over passive publisher and news outlet it will become more important to dig into data and find out who really wants your content and what makes your audience tick. In additions, as a real estate agent, you want to make sure your customers are aware of you posting their home on social media. This gives them the chance to interact with the ad/post and share it in their own community. This will in turn increase spread and reach of your post. (Oh, by the way, Social Booster can help with that.)

Four things to keep in mind when posting on Facebook

By Adfenix Ad Specialist and Social Media expert Sandrino Breshani

Most importantly: Don't freak out yet.

There’s hope. Yes, Facebook will only show the so-called winner posts that are more relevant and entertaining to the audience, but you can also create winner posts. Here are four things to keep in mind when creating a Facebook post:

1. Paid Advertising (the simplest, easiest and most effortless solution)

Do you want more reach, engagement and clicks? It's simple. You should really consider Facebook Ads. After this new update, everybody will rush into Facebook Ads. I know, it's going to be a mess. You don't know how to run a well-paid campaign on Facebook and you’re scared you might waste this opportunity. Don’t worry -  Adfenix has created a tool for you. Home Booster will help you reach the most relevant audience.

2. Create high-quality content

Strategies are based on numbers. This goes without saying, but sometimes I feel that marketers need a reminder.  

  • people like videos, so we need more videos‍
  • ‍short text over long text
  • ‍use call to actions

This is easier said than done for some industries but take some time to sit down and create a list of ways you can help, educate, or entertain your target audience. Only then can you decide on the best way to communicate your message.

3. Generate a conversation (the more hardcore approach)

Generating a conversation is hard and one of the reasons, not every brand will succeed on Facebook. Do this when you share something:

  • ‍have a purpose
  • ‍think of your audience

Consider this a conversation rather than a way to get someone to click on something

4. Don’t use engagement bait

In case you forgot, engagement bait was the focus of another news feed update in late 2017.

No engagement baits means:

  • ‍no vote baiting
  • ‍no reaction baiting
  • ‍no share baiting
  • ‍no tag baiting
  • ‍no comment baiting

Your goal is to not only get lots of comments, likes, and shares but for that engagement to be meaningful.

What we can say for sure is that because of this new update there will be more Facebook Ads created and as a result, the cost per Ad will go up and you have to make amazing ads to get the lowest cost and make the most from your budget. Basically what you need is a Facebook Ads Expert and in case you forgot Adfenix is the best around for Real Estate. :)

Sandrino Breshani
Adfenix’ Ad specialist and social media expert. Sandrino lives and breathes social media ads and sniffs up updates and new trends faster than you can say social media.