We help real estate agents to generate more business opportunities via digital channels. We started the journey in 2016 and have since become the obvious choice when it comes to housing advertising, used by real estate agencies around the world.

The effects

For our clients, the effect of using Adfenix looks like this.


More valuations


More booked viewings


More contact requests


More visitors to the
listings page

"Absolutely outstanding since day one"

- We chose to work with Adfenix simply on the basis of the results that we saw have been absolutely outstanding since day one.

Nick Moir – Andrews

Eric Kjome – Climb Real Estate

Kenny Truong – Climb Real Estate

Daniel Bokhari Friberg – Erik Olsson

Fanny Strand – Bjurfors

Martin Scott

Barry Plant Mildura VIC

The vendor reports are a fantastic tool, providing yet another opportunity to provide the best possible communication service level for the client.

Joanne Hughes

Barnard Marcus

It is definitely an instruction winner for me! It has helped me secure higher fees and win more business without a doubt. Adfenix have been great!

Tony Edwards

LJ Hooker Mandurah WA

Adfenix has offered us a great opportunity to leverage our Facebook audience and drive substantial traffic to our website. Great analytics combined with excellent support.

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The value for the seller

Reach even passive buyers.

Via property portals, you reach out to active people in the housing market, but a clear majority of potential buyers may not actively be looking for a new home. Despite this, there are many who might consider buying or selling if the right property shows up. Adfenix tools are able to reach the entire market - by seeking out both active and passive buyers.

Keeps your property visible.

We can see that for homes that only use property portals as a marketing platform, the number of visitors to the property page decreases sharply after a couple of days. Adfenix ensures that your home remains visible throughout your campaign, and for every day that passes, new potential buyers are brought to your listing page.

Maximised marketing.

Adfenix helps you maximise the marketing of your home and ensures that more people visit your property page. As a rule, more visitors to the listing page, and more people viewing your property, often means a faster sale and a higher final price.

Be where the buyers are.

Today, almost 6.2 million Swedes use Instagram, while 7.8 million use Facebook*. It is likely that your buyers are also on these platforms, so make sure your housing ad is visible here as well.

Let your home find your ideal buyer.

Many agents are still working on the premise that potential buyers will find your home without too much assistance. By using Adfenix, we ensure that your home seeks out potential buyers. With the help of data from our agency website, we ensure that people who have previously shown interest in similar homes can see your housing ad on Facebook, Instagram & regional / local newspapers.

Fewer and fewer people read print media.

With each passing day, fewer people are reading magazines and newspapers in their physical form, and more people are turning to digital solutions. With Adfenix, you can also share your housing ad via local & regional newspapers.

Follow campaign results.

Interested in knowing how your housing ad is doing? With Adfenix, both agent and seller have the opportunity to follow the results of the ad, throughout the campaign period.

We work with the industry's leading agencies

As trusted partners of some of the world's leading real estate agencies, Adfenix are specialists in digital marketing strategy and marketing automation for the real estate industry.