With 2000+ real estate companies as customers Adfenix is the global leader in marketing properties on social media.

How It All Started

In 2014 André Hegge helped his father sell a house and realised the housing market was a dull horse in need of new ways of finding potential buyers to listed homes. Childhood friend and salesperson extraordinaire Gabriel Kamienny entered the picture.

In the spirit of Swedish startups, the story begins.

“As property portals are taking over the customer relationships and human interactions in the property transaction are reducing, home sellers yearn for human contact and the safety of having a real estate agent on their side. Our mission is to make agents leaders again by providing sales/marketing alternatives where it’s possible to excel in finding sellers outside the property portals.”

André Hegge
CEO & Co-founder

Shifting Power Structures in Real Estate

The plan struck a chord: we could use social media to locate relevant buyers and, in doing so, return power to real estate agents. Adfenix was born, immediately beginning to restructure power dynamics in the industry, helping the agencies to seize back the initiative and influence that they had surrendered to the property portals over the preceding decade. 

Three years later, in February 2017, 12 people sat cramped up in a small and cosy office in the centre of Gothenburg. A single shirt was hanging on a lamp, and every time someone was to have an important meeting, the lucky garment went too. If the success was thanks to the lucky shirt or pure talent, we don't know, but this was when the real action began.

Since then we've not only grown into a giant in the Swedish market but also extended our wings to the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, France, Finland and Norway; shifting power from the big property portals back to real estate agents.

12 became 60, and we required a bigger office in Gothenburg, plus additional offices in London and Melbourne. In true Adfenix spirit, we once enlarged an office using our CEO André as a battering ram. Literally. (Not joking. Check out our Instagram if you don't believe us!) Figuratively we keep kicking in doors and opening up new opportunities for real estate agencies, creating real estate heroes as we go along.  

The shirt, no longer needed, had to go.

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