Home Booster

The power to advertise a property to the most relevant target group on social media, without lifting a finger. Get more traffic, more engagement and stay on top of your results.

Stay updated

Home Booster adjusts your ad campaign in real time. This means your ad is always based on the latest information and testing, without you even having to lift a finger. Just sit back and to enjoy the results.

Share success with your seller

Our Live Dashboard provides both you and your seller with detailed data and lets you enjoy tangible results. Share ads with your sellers and let them follow the effects of their Home Booster ad.

Reach the most relevant target group

Home Boosters intelligent algorithms analyses tens of millions of data points every day to understand the behaviours of home buyers. Combined with an analysis of thousands of real estate campaigns, we know who are most likely to be interested in a specific type of property.

Maximise engagement

Likes and comments are success factors for any ad on social media. Home Booster provides you with tools to optimise comments and likes and by showing your ad to the most relevant target group you maximise the engagement.

How it works

1 You publish a new listing on your website.

Publish a listing on your website as you always do.

2 We send you an email saying your ad is ready to be published.

As soon as the listing is published we know this and start creating your ad automatically.

3 You start your Home Booster ad with 2 clicks.

Start your ad, sit back and enjoy the stats you receive on your statistics page.

This is what our customers are saying about us

  • “Det ökar antalet fria värderingar, gör oss valbara för nya säljare samt skapar fler visningsgäster. Kort och gott är det till nytta i alla led och har en försvarbar ekonomisk insats.”

    Leif Andersson
    Leif AnderssonVD, Mäklarhuset Göteborg Centrum / Öster
  • “Vi sålde precis en bostad där köparen såg annonsen på FB, var dock inte “riktigt” ute och letade efter just en sådan lägenhet, men liknande. Köparen hade inte sett den annars vilket resulterade till att båda parter blev jättenöjda”

    Thobias Green
    Thobias GreenFastighetsmäklare / Franchisetagare, Karlstad
  • “Kul att kunna se statistiken på ett enkelt sätt och det är ett grymt intagsargument!”

    Oskar Sandén
    Oskar SandénFranchisetagare - Nynäshamn, Haninge & Västerhaninge

Adfenix offers complete flexiblity

1 Flexible advertising budgets

We know that the needs are different from region to region. That is why we want you to be in charge of how much you need to spend to make an impact in your area.

2 Flexible ad formats

The social networks, like Facebook, offers a great variety of amazing tools like video ads, public posts, photo albums, leads ads and much, much more. With the Home Booster you don’t miss any of the important opportunities that are available on the individual social networks – everything is available.