Facebook Chat Bots

By utilizing the power of chat bots, we can enable automated conversations between Sellers, Buyers, and Agents. This ultra modern technology can be used for information requests, to book private showings or for authenticated bidding - and we only just started to scratch the surface.

Embrace the future with us

The use of automatic chat bots to reduce the time spend on mundane, repetitive tasks is one of the hottest rising technologies in the world. In the near future, people will use bots to simplify their life ways we can’t even imagine. On Adfenix, we intend to keep on staying in front of this development.

Here is an example of how it can be used to instantly book a private showing

1. A potential Buyer clicks an ad on Facebook to get more information.

2. The potential Buyer gets clickable options directly in their app.

3. The Adfenix chat bots automatically looks up the calendar of the responsible agent.

4. The Adfenix chat bot immedieately responds with a confirmation.

A private showing has been booked without any interaction by the agent, as simple as that.

What you can do with a Facebook Chat Bot

Request Information About a Home

With the Adfenix bot real estate agents can support potential buyers instantaneously with information related to current properties without having to act. This saves time for the agent, but the best part is that the potential buyers get instant information which is a great service.

Book an Appraisal of Your Home with an Agent

With the Adfenix bot potential buyers can set up a private showing or see dates of the public showing instantaneously. The agent can relax and don’t have to hassle with finding a suitable date and the potential buyer can easily see what times that is available and book a suitable timeslot.

Automatically and Securely Manage the Bidding Process

With the Adfenix bot real estate agents can accomplish the bidding process securely and smoothly. The bidders get real time updates on the price and can put another bid without any effort. The bids are verified and securely placed through a third party app.