Agent Booster

Leverage your local expertise & experience to connect with people looking to sell their home. By using personalized and targeted agent ads boosted with testimonials from your previous happy customers, new clients are not far away.

Let every sale boost your brand

Increase the intake of new sellers by making sure that your successes are noticed

Every successful real estate agent realizes the importance of word to mouth referrals. An agent ad on social media takes this to the digital age, making sure that when a seller is looking for a broker – they know who to contact.

Agent Lead Ad

Social CV is the product that gives agents the benefit of capitalizing on positive testimonials from previous happy sellers

When a home is sold, your happy Seller is invited to share his testimonial using the Social CV app. With just a few clicks, the seller’s testimonial is posted as a comment on your social CV along with a nice image of the home that you’ve successfully sold. Your Social CV is then advertised to potential seller.

Thanks to the agents successful track record, the sign-ups will come flooding in and your Social CV will get even better.