The Adfenix Complete Product Suite

It's time to start utilizing social media to its full potential.

Our products

Home Booster

Home Booster¬†gives you the power to advertise a property in all relevant social media channels, one minute after it’s up on your website. Our algorithms make sure that the ads are shown to people that have expressed a clear interest in similar properties, or have a matching behavioral profile.

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Agent Booster

Leverage your local expertise & experience to connect with people looking to sell their home.  By using personalized and targeted agent ads boosted with testimonials from your previous happy customers, new clients are not far away.

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Facebook Chat Bot

By utilizing the power of chat bots, we can enable automated conversations between Sellers, Buyers and Agents. This ultra modern technology can be used for information requests, to book private showings or for authenticated bidding – and we only just started to scratch the surface.

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