Privacy Policy

By giving your consent to the Company’s processing of personal data, you agree to that the Company process your personal data in accordance with the terms of this document.


The data we intend to process is a name, phone number, e-mail, which browser you use, and which objects you at your visit to our website show interest in.The last-mentioned means that we gather all information included in the parts of the website you visit, inter alia with respect to which type of property you look for with reference to size, number of rooms, situation, fee and price.

The data will be processed by us, but also by companies which on the Company’s account receive and process your data, and, coordinate the data with data from Facebook with the purpose to enable directed marketing to be sent to you via social media regarding available objects which correspond to your interests.




The purpose with the processing is partly to enable marketing of the Company’s objects direct to you via social media, partly to store the personal data in a customer management system which is used by the company at such marketing. The purpose with the processing of data is also to enable marketing of properties direct to you via social media from other companies mediating properties.

Through a written request to this e-mail:, you have the right to each calendar year, free of charge, receive information regarding which data concerning you we process and how we process this data. At any time, you can also withdraw your consent or demand that your personal data is rectified or erased.