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Launch Date: 9th of March

Testimonial from one of our pilot branches:

“To be honest we have been amazed, impressed and a little overwhelmed by the success of this campaign. It’s really raised our profile on social media and generated a lot of discussions/shares/likes and enquiries. This collaboration is definitely something we are very keen to build on and continue.  Thank you.”

Jane Peck  – Branch Director @ EweMove Beverley

Stats from Pilot:

The pilot was running during December & January with five pilot offices (York, Beverley, Sheffield, Leek/Hanley & Southport).

The average results from running one Home Booster was:

Showed Ads: 9000
Unique People Reached: 5700
Clicks: 857
CTR: 14,16%
Cost / Lead: £20,28

Example Ads:

Home Booster – Ad & Dashboard

Agent Booster- Ad

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