Operational Excellence

adfenix is growing rapidly – join us on our journey!


At Adfenix, we are leading an industry revolution, empowering thousands of real estate agents across 12 countries to transition from print advertising to the digital age. With a strong team, cutting edge technology and having recently signed several 1+ MEUR contracts, we are growing rapidly. We are currently 20 people from 8 different countries and in 2017 we will become more than 50 people.

We have a strong culture of finding talent and help them grow during an challenging and rewarding internship. By joining one of our teams you will work with both junior and senior fellows – everyone with the desire to learn new stuff, grow and outperform expectations. This is a key growth driver for adfenix and now we are searching for several new family members to join our quest.

By joining Adfenix you will be part of an amazing journey of a new startup. A journey where you are a future key player. We believe in gathering awesome people, give them an inspiring objective and then stand aside and let them show how it’s done. No micro management, but plenty of coaching and high fives from our leaders.

This will give you the opportunity to unfold your potential by working close with our awesome team, enabling a steep learning curve and many possibilities to grow – both personally, professionally and entrepreneurially.

Our hope is that you want to join us on this journey as a fast-paced startup environment where we push each other’s boundaries.


Main responsibilities

  • Analyze, document, communicate and follow up on metrics for different part of the organisation

About the internship

A startup is all about finding new paths. A growth company is all about executing with a increasing number of people. This requires the skill to structure work into Standard Operating Procedures that can be repeated by less experienced people. This will create an effective organisation that can execute, improve and provide a predictable outcome.

Working with Operational Excellence (OpEx) you will analyze, document, communicate and follow up on metrics for different part of the organisation. Supported by a senior COO the internship will provide a clear guidance in creating a modern OpEx organisation.



Gothenburg, Sweden.


If you want to join us, please send your CV and a short motivation to future@adfenix.com. If you have any questions, we are always ready for a call or fika.