Bradleys Social Media Portal

Welcome to Bradleys Social Media Portal!

Here you can stay updated and find all news related to the collaboration between Bradleys & Adfenix.

To the right, you can find two animated videos, one for the Home Booster and one for the Social Booster. These videos can be showed to your colleagues at the branches to give them an initial understanding of what Adfenix is all about.

Below the animated videos you can find instruction videos. These videos gives you an initial introduction to the Targeting (3 min) of our ads, what you need to know about the Home Booster (5 min) & what to communicate when Meeting the Seller (2 min).

If you have any questions or feedback we love to hear them, reach out to us at

Thanks & Stay tuned 🙂

Animated Videos

Home Booster & Social Booster