Why every real estate agent should analyze their data

Why every real estate agent should analyze their data
July 14, 2017 Amanda Söderholm

What do we mean by analysing data?

Analysing data means analysing the digital footprints your leads and clients leave behind. For example, almost all websites today uses cookies. A cookie is a small file that saves in your browser and lets your browser remember that you’ve been on a certain website.

Today’s technology lets you analyse data and get answers almost instantly. Analysing data enables you to make smarter decisions, reduce cost and become more effective. This number game is also rapidly changing how you as a real estate professional, conduct your business. Almost every aspect of your sales process can be improved by applying a little bit of analytics, the trick is just to figure out your measurable data points.

The real estate industry need to stay ahead of the curve

Analytics is an important part of many industries today, and it’s becoming increasingly important in the real estate industry. The real estate industry is certainly not behind in adapting to modern technology and modern tools. On the contrary, real estate is an industry that many see as prone to change and constantly thirsting for new technology.

The art of analysing data in a structured way in order to find hidden patterns, helps real estate agents make quick and accurate business decisions. You might think that this removes the personal touch and makes your actions somewhat cold and calculating. However, tech savvy estate agents realises data driven decisions become even more personalised and tailored. At the same time it helps you stay on top of the latest trends.

Data analysis to boost your marketing

If you, as a real estate agent, know some notable trend popping up in a particular demographic section you will naturally avail this opportunity to find the best suitable properties for those people. Maybe stats are showing that phone calls are superior to sending email when trying to sell to someone 50+ of age? Who knows? (Well, data most certainly knows…).

Targeted marketing is something many real estate agencies has adopted and it has evolved greatly the last couple of years. This is where we at Adfenix enters the picture. Our products use an algorithm that determines what kind of people are most likely to be interested in a certain type of property. When that is settled we scavenge social media looking for the same type of people and send your ads directly to them. As simple as that, but not possible without a great deal of data analysis. From our side of course. You don’t have to do anything! Analysing data is a core stepping stone for our solutions and an effective way to really maximise the outcome of any property ad.

But enough about Adfenix. Data analysis is most certainly something that will only become more important. So whether it’s applying Google Analytics to you website, or using some kind of tool for Big Data, like Hadoop – just do it. It will be good for you business, make you take more rational and better decisions and allow you to become more successful with your marketing within real estate, regardless of which country or region you operate in. 

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