Using data analysis as a real estate agent

Using data analysis as a real estate agent
September 14, 2017 Julia Sjövall

Making data available for all

Data analysis and big data have long been a hot topic. We all know the importance of leveraging and using our data findings to make good decisions and accelerate our success.

Data is slowly becoming more accessible and cloud technology enables easy sharing. This opens up many an opportunity for you as a real estate agent. Imagine the possibilities: You get access to data important to you, without having to analyse or even collect it yourself.

Oh, the sweet, sweet opportunities ahead.

This up and coming accessibility signals an end to an era where information flowed only in one direction. Now is the time when we start sharing our work and iterate to answer questions, the time when we leverage the cloud and embed our dashboards into others enterprises to reach people where they are, whenever they are there.

But how to leverage this opportunity and still managing your job as a real estate agent?

Sounds like a hassle. As a real estate agent time is normally nothing you have in abundance. On the contrary, 50-70 hour work weeks are fairly common. (How many hours do you do every week? Please tell us in the comments! <3)

These monstrous work weeks is one of the reasons why Adfenix was created in the first place. We wanted to make the opportunity of leveraging data accessible for real estate agent, without the time consuming-analysis part from your side. By leveraging data from many different sources you get present with the hottest opportunities out there. Whether it’s reaching buyers, getting in touch with sellers or simply getting your face out there – you can do it without sweating. All thanks to the power of data.

But how?

Simply – Adfenix creates ads on social media. Sounds pretty boring and like something everyone can do, right? It is – but we do it better than most thanks to our vast amount of data. We never just guess who to show an ad to, we know. And we know thanks to a numerous amount of analysis made from millions of pieces of data collected from oh so many different real estate agencies out there. We see the patterns, and we give them to you.

All you have to do is post the listing on your website as you always do and leave the rest to us. Enjoy, and let’s feast on data!




Almost all of our clients have tried advertising on social media long before they came in contact with us. The difference, according to them, is that with Adfenix things happen automatically and they can keep their costs down. At the same time, no human can be as spot on with choosing the right target group as Adfenix is. It’s our AI doing all the work for us and thanks to this we know who’s ready to act and when they are ready to act.

Roberto Svensson – UK Franchise Director at Adfenix

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