The power of social proof

The power of social proof
September 8, 2017 Amanda Söderholm

Social proof is nothing new. This psychological phenomenon and incredibly strong force influence your everyday decision making – from the bigger decisions (like where you want to live), down to the smaller everyday choices (like what to have for lunch). No matter how independent we might be, at the end of the day, we’re pack animals and very reliant on the people around us. This means that when a current user recommends a product based on their experiences, we are inclined to trust them.

For marketers, social proof is a well-used tactic to increase conversions and influence customers in their buying decisions. Case studies, referrals, ratings, and reviews are all powerful ways of persuading a customer. Simply because people trust other people more than they trust marketers. But let’s be honest – a one line testimonial is meaningless unless it’s connected to a real person. It’s all about humanizing your marketing.

Implementing social proof in your property ads

A beautiful image and a good selling text is a great way to get more people to press the like-button on your social media property ads. For example: Newly renovated, terrace with a view – these are all important selling points, but after all, people are buying a home, a place their life will revolve around. What could be more valuable than a good review from the current homeowner? A comment telling how lovely the neighbors are (or why not tag them as well, letting them share something themselves), a map showing how the kids will get to school, where the best restaurant is or a hidden gem in the area. The homeowner could also invite their friends to drop a comment. This will not only give your ad a bigger spread and reach, it will also add value to a person seeking their future home.

By humanizing the ad you’ll turn the house into a home and let the home buyer imagine their life there.



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