Technology makes online ads more relevant

Technology makes online ads more relevant
August 17, 2017 Thu Nguyen

Why advertising doesn’t have to mean annoying people

Around 83% of us find online advertising annoying, and relevance is the key to avoid that.

Surely you’ve been faced with an ad that’s not even remotely relevant to you. We’ve all been exposed to irrelevant ads at some point and we’ll probably continue facing them, even in the future. But imagine how your experience would improve if everything you were exposed to online were relevant to you and provided you with helpful information. Oh boy, would the Internet be a happy place if that happened!

Fortunately, with technology and artificial intelligence, creating relevant ads and showing them to the right people is possible. Delivering the right message to the right person in the right context must surely maximize impact and achieve a better return on investment.
It’s time to change mass advertising into relevant one-to-one advertising.

Segment your audience

Delivering relevant messages to relevant people is mainly about audience segments.
For example, we can segment the audience potential home buyers into three groups on the basis of intent through customer journey.

From each audience group, we can break them down into more and more relevant sub-segments, e.g. the people who are looking for a house in a higher price range, people looking for apartments, people looking for houses at lower prices range, etc. We can split the audience into as many groups as we want. The more we split the audience, the closer we are to relevant one-to-one advertising. Undeniably, driving towards this level of relevance would require thousands of hours of manual work.
Luckily, this is exactly what technology can help solve for you.

The size of your segments

One of the main challenges of audience segmentation is to find the balance of splitting the target audience into smaller and more relevant audience segments with tailored messaging, and yet having audience segments large enough to still be able to learn from the data. This means you’ll never reach true one-to-one advertising since it’s not efficient to create 10 million different messages for 10 million people. At the same time, you probably wouldn’t go with only 3 segments either, since it would cluster people into groups that are too big, making the message less relevant.

There is no clear answer as to what the balance should be. At Adfenix we’re continuously working on testing and experimenting to find out what is relevant for your audience by looking at the KPI results from different tests.

So stop annoying people

So, let’s sum up what’s been said. By letting technology help you with your targeting you will not only save a lot of time and effort, you will reach out to people who actually give a crap about you.

Advertising does not mean annoying people.

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