How chatbots can simplify almost anything

How chatbots can simplify almost anything
July 20, 2017 Julia Sjövall

We’re quickly moving towards the age of chatbots, are you keeping up? Chatsbots have created a lot of buzz lately. They can help you with almost anything – scheduling a meeting, ordering pizza, find your lost bike or why not find your true love. If apps were the big thing solving all of your problems back in 2009, chatbots are definitely doing the same thing for 2017.

So what are chatbots really and why are they such a big deal?

A chatbot is a service normally powered by artificial intelligence, that you interact with via some sort of chat interface (e.g. Facebook Messenger, Slack, text messages etc.). Picture yourself making a phone call to a major company. You’ll probably end up in a phone tree having to press different options to eventually (if you’re lucky and pressed the right options) arrive at your final destination. This is an early version of a chatbot. The only difference is text based trees are much easier and faster. Now picture yourself writing on Facebook writing a message in Messenger to IKEA. Instead of waiting for an actual person to answer, a chatbot could easily sort out what you agenda is. Apple has already integrated a chat bot in their product, I mean Siri is pretty smart sometimes right?

How to utilize the opportunity of chatbots

The main purpose of chatbots are to ease the workload for physical personnel and make life easier, and services more accessible, for consumers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. With chatbots you can, for example, reduce the time you wait on hold or go through multiple steps to complete a purchase online.

This is good news for entrepreneurs, businesses or why not for your social media pages, because pretty much any website or app can be turned into a chatbot. Cool right?

Also, about 90% of our time on mobile is spent on email and messaging platforms. And that’s a lot. Just like how everyone gotten used to automated phone answering lines, a similar revolution is taking place in the world of chatbots.

Up and coming technology

The technology is still in it’s cradle and evolving quickly. At Adfenix we’re using and developing a chatbot that can be used for e.g. your Facebook page. Since we’re working in the real estate business (making agents heroes by providing smart solutions) our chatbot enables automated conversations between sellers, buyers and agents. It can, for example, automatically without any involvement from the agent book a viewing or appraisal that shoots straight into the calendar of the agent. Or why not secure and manage the bidding process? This is a way to reduce the time spent on mundane, time consuming tasks.

Having said that, in the near future people will use bots to simplify their life ways we can’t even imagine. At Adfenix, we intend staying on top of that curve.

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