4 tips for your social media marketing

4 tips for your social media marketing
August 2, 2017 Julia Sjövall

Social media and social media marketing give you the chance to target the right audience and add value where the value is sought after. With the help of targeting and social media, you can reach potential customers and give them something that actually adds value and sparks engagement.

But that doesn’t make it any more easy to understand the intricate way social media works and how you can use it in the most effective way.

At Adfenix, part of what we do is helping you as an agent with your advertising via social media. Our solutions give you the flexibility and freedom to adapt your own ads, but also the possibility to just put everything on autopilot and still achieve great results.

Here are 4 tips on how to use social media to its fullest:

1. Embrace the visual

Visual content, a.k.a. videos, images and photos, get more engagement. It’s as simple as that. There are entire social media platforms solely based on visual content, for example, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. The trick is to create an image specifically for what you want to say. Don’t just use a generic corporate image, customise it! Make it speak to your audience, and make sure you’re leveraging your social content.

2. Give your headlines some love

Headlines are important stuff. You might have an interesting story to tell or property to show, but are you writing headlines worthy of grabbing your audience’s attention? You might even have to create a new title depending on when and where you’re posting.

3. Customise for the platform

When you’re sharing on social media, think through what works best on the different platforms. The more optimised your post is for a particular platform, the more effective your social promotion will be. Take Facebook as an example: You need to make sure to have an attention-grabbing headline, a relevant image and a short, compelling description. Or perhaps you’re posting on Twitter? In that case, have you made sure to use the right hashtags?

4. Don’t be afraid to post multiple times

You might feel that you’re being repetitive when posting the same thing multiple times. But guess what? Your audience won’t mind. Promoting the same content multiple times on social media might actually make you more effective. It will give you more traffic and you can end up reaching new followers.

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  1. wat8x.com 3 weeks ago

    Social media has become a vital cornerstone of marketing and business today, and it is entirely possible to track the ROI and effectiveness of social for sales.

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