Add your Facebook-page

Connect your Facebook-page with adfenix!

Follow the guide below to enable us to advertise from your local Facebook-page:

Step 1: Go to your Facebook-page and click on Settings

1 - settings english

Step 2: Click on Page Roles

2 - settings english

Step 3: Add Dimitris Pantazis (our Configuration Manager) by adding and selecting Admin

Add Dimitris guide

Step 4: Click Save and submit your personal password

4 - settings english

Step 5: Fill in which office(s) the Facebook-page should be connected to and/or connect your Instagram-account to these offices by filling in the form below:

Email address:

Link to Facebook page:

Name of the office/s with which should be connected:

Fill the following information to connect you Instagram account:

User name:


Great job! You’re now done.



Do you have any questions?